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Laying our Plants.

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Laying our Plants.

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This image shows plants in their proper positions to be planted. Proper layout is important.

















Laying out plants before planting is important!

Article by: Dalton Quigley
November 2010

At Nashville Landscape Design we want to help you get the most out of your landscape design and part of the process is planting. If you plant without laying out your plants to get a great idea of how things will flow replanting may have to take place.


* Prepare the bed by removing old plant material and adding good soil with the proper nutrients.

* Take each plant you are planning on installing and place them in their propper place.

* Make sure the good side of the plant faces the direction where it will be viewed from.

* Stand up close and walk back to a distance ( possibly a few times ) to make sure you are getting the overall effect of what you intended.

* Begin planting and good luck with your landscape project.


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